Configuration Space Modeling

The standard method of generating realizations of ionospheric structure imposes the desired spectral characteristics by filtering white noise with the square root of the desired spectral density function (SDF).  The phase structure is purely random, which imposes a non physical symmetry on to the realizations.  Ionospheric structure as measured by in-situ probes can be physically described as a collection of field-aligned striations.  We have been investigating structure models that start with configurations of field-aligned striations.  Earlier results were described in a poster presentation at the 2014 AGU meeting in San Francisco.  New material will be presented at URSI AT-RASC May 19, 2014 2015ATRASRino .  The draft document ConfigurationSpaceModelSubmissionRev has been submitted to Radio Science for publication.

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Retired research engineer. Recently published book "The Theory of Scintillation with Applications in Remote Sensing," John Wiley IEEE Press, 201
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