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Configuration Space Models

The blog on irregularity parameter estimation  (IPE) introduced a paper that used realizations of a stochastic processes with a prescribed spectral density function (SDF).  Such realizations are generated by imposing the square root of the desired SDF on a collection … Continue reading

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Equatorial Plasma Bubbles

An enduring challenge in characterizing ionospheric intermediate-scale irregularity structure is generating a three-dimensional model.  In-situ measurements provide one-dimensional scans, which must be reconciled with a higher dimensional model.  Physics-based three-dimensional realizations of the development of equatorial plasma bubbles have been … Continue reading

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Power-Law Parameter Estimation

The basic structure and dynamics of the ionosphere are captured by deterministic models.  At the next level, physics-based ionospheric simulations produce stochastic structure, which is characterized by a statistical model.  Statistical models characterize an ensemble of realizations that support well-defined … Continue reading

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IES 2015 Paper

IES2015Rino is an oral presentation of the new material introduced in the previous post Application of Wavelet Based Analysis to C/NOFS Ionospheric Density Measurements.  

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