Oblique Propagation

Chapter 4 of my book develops a computational framework for beacon satellite propagation.  With a reference coordinate system centered at ionospheric heights, even small propagation angles lead to very large displacements in the observation plane.  To avoid this problem, a continuously displaced coordinate system is used.  The defining equation in Section 4.1 was in error, which combined with some other errors in the defining equations made it difficult to reconstruct the equation upon which most of the calculation in Chapter 4 is based.  Equation 4.5 is correct.  A revision of an earlier derivation is attached.  I’m indebted to Harold Knight and Kshitija Despande for pointing out the inconsistencies. The errata sheet has been updated and placed on the book page.BookNotesNew

The blog entry Statistical Theory of Scintillation Update provides some background material.

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