Irregularity Parameter Estimation for Intensity SDF

Irregularity parameter Estimation (IPE) was developed for estimating the intensity SDF from detrended intensity scintillation measurements.  As discussed in the blog, the original IPE procedure was replaced with an improved maximum likelihood estimator (MLE).  The MLE scheme was also used in the analysis described in the previous blog.  A common MatLab library of software was developed for both IPE applications.  An unpublished report summarizes the results and describes the describes the library.

The first two figure frames below, which are taken from the paper show the four two-component power-law parameter estimates and a scatter plot showing the correlation between Cs and eta1.  The higher variability of the Cs estimate is related to the correlation.  The second frame shows the parameters derived from fits to the intensity SDF.  The excess Cs variabilit and he correlation are gone.  However, the intensity parameter estimation is more sensitive to the initiation procedure.

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